tim davids

Looking for that epic
agency to work for

Hey! I am Tim davids. I recently graduated in Communication and Multimedia Design (both propaedeutic and bachelor with distinction), and now I’m looking for an epic agency to work for. I’m ready, to create nice digital products, services and experiences.

My prime interest has mainly been graphic design, but over the years my interest shifted more towards interaction design, simply because online is more awesome. So my main focus now is creating interactive and intuitive experiences, which I really love. I like doing research and create design concepts, but my expertise lies in creating simple yet visually interesting user interfaces.

The human brain fascinates me. Psychology is a powerful, yet ethical, tool to understand, predict and influence behaviour. I also like to rethink the purpose of technology because it shouldn’t be all about hijacking the mind and increasing conversion. I use minimalism as a tool for both the online and offline world.

The best of both worlds, that’s what I strive for.

View my resume.