Ben Energy

What Ben, commissioned by The Hague University of Applied Sciences, wanted was for us to design an energy concept which gives Ben clients more grip on their annual costs, so that they can spend their money on the fun things in life. So we introduced ‘Ben Energy’. At Ben Energy you buy energy in bundles, get detailed consumption insight which you can compare with yourself, similar households, and can start saving by setting and tracking goals. You will receive tips adjusted to your needs and ‘Bennies’, as we call it, if you have achieved your goal. With the Bennies you can buy energy efficient products which will bring down your costs even more.

During this project I thought out the approach and the activities we wanted to do, kept track of the schedules, and adjusted it when needed. Mostly I was coordinating, instructing, providing feedback, and thinking about how to execute to the next step, as well as considering other activities that would be more suitable to achieve better results. Furthermore, I was responsible for the visual design and the final presentation of our concept and design.

ben energy