Nowadays we are able to send messages at any time we want with almost instant delivery. Which is great, but we all still like to receive a written card or letter. This because it's personal, touchable and most of the time it will bring a smile to our face. Now what if we could turn back time, but still make use of modern technology and use the best of both? During an individual project commissioned by the Social Design Lab I created ‘Briefpost’ (best translated with ‘sending a letter’). The app is an interactive and reflective message system that allows people to send digital written letters.

Briefpost forces you to slow it all down, to bring back the charm of a written letter and moments of reflection. Receiving a letter takes time, like receiving a physical letter does. As you will not be able to use an eraser when writing a letter, therefore you will have to think what you want to say before writing it down. It either isn’t possible to send a letter from anywhere you want, you have to walk to the physical mailbox in order to send it.

Want to know more about this project? Check out the written report, which is written in the Dutch language, where all the phases from project approach, doing research, user testing, and the final designs are documented. You can also take a look at the low fidelity prototype and try out Briefpost yourself.