Improve the user experience of the publishing platform WP-Magazines in order to create a future-proof product. That was the assignment for my graduation internship at DutchGiraffe. I used interviews, walkthroughs, desk research, co creation sessions, and so on, to fully understand the business goals and user needs in order to visualize the current user experience and expose the bottlenecks. I worked in sprints during the design phase, to cope with the huge amount of needs. During this phase I improved the flow, made wireframes, worked out (micro) interactions, and used different methods to test each designed page. The result: excited and happy end users. Due to the efficient workflow and improved and new functionalities.

Want to know more about this project? The graduation thesis, which is written in the Dutch language, is available upon request. The thesis contains all the phases from project approach, doing research, user testing, and the final designs are documented.

ben energy